Type of site

: Games

Available language(s)

: English
: Simplified Chinese
: Traditional Chinese
: Việt Nam


: Pendulab Private Limited

Current status

: Active

Viwawa is a portal for casual browser-based multiplayer online games and creation of avatars called Wawas developed by Pendulab Private Limited. The company is based in Singapore.

All games developed by Viwawa are multi-player and casual in nature.

  • Stwack – an original stickman fighting game
  • Big 2.5 – a card shedding game popular in Asia, also known as Big 2
  • MatchIt – a memory card game
  • Checkmate – International Chess in 2D and 3D
  • Wahjong – Mahjong with Singapore rules and Hong Kong rules
  • Sushido – a match 3 game where chefs compete to serve sushi to their customers.They must match 3 identical ingredients horizontally/vertically.
  • Zany Bridge – a card game based on contract bridge with rules abiding to Singapore Bridge
  • Wahlords – a strategy game where players attempt to bomb each other
  • Numeroid – a game similar to Puzzle Bobble with a requirement to construct mathematical equations
  • Dynasty Chess – Chinese Chess game with animated chess pieces
  • Groword – a game of forming words from a 5×5 board of alphabets
  • Harvest Time – a card shedding game popular in China, also known as Dou Di Zhu
  • Speedoku – a Sudoku game based on speed
  • DEFCON 1 – a Tower Defence game
  • Buffet Wars – a projectile game with a food theme
  • Bombs Away – a strategy game where you have to locate and destroy the entire enemy fleet of modern units before the enemy destroys yours with intuition.


  • Viwawa extend their games to iPhones for Big 2.5 and a minigame for Sushido called Sushido Harvest.
  • In October 2010, Viwawa launched DevPals for game developers to create new games for the Viwawa Community.
  • In November 2010, Viwawa launched Viwawa Superfriends for better gaming in Viwawa.
  • In 2011 February, Viwawa added Charisma to all profiles linkage to Facebook and Twitter.

Business model

Viwawa games are essentially free to play. Revenue is derived through its games and avatar creation via micro-transactions over micropayment services such as PayPal, SMS mobile payments, Cherry Credits, MOLePoints and scratch cards.


Viwawa was launched in December 2007.

In 2008, Viwawa entered a partnership with Disney to create Disney content in their Avatar customization engine. At the same time, Viwawa also partnered with Garena to provide casual games to all Garena gamers.

In July 2009, World Cyber Games (Singapore) hosted the competition finals for Viwawa games.

In November 2009, Sanook! partnered with Viwawa to bring the games to their users in Thailand.

In 2010, Viwawa games Stwack and Sushido were featured in SG Gamebox, an initiative by the Media Development Authority of Singapore


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